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Advantages of Sealing My Record in Florida | Five Ways It Can Change Your Life

When you are arrested in Florida, you will have a criminal history that is visible to the general public. While you may not care what other people think of you, having a Florida criminal history record can seriously affect your chances of finding employment.

The good news is that many people are eligible to have a criminal record sealed or expunged. This means that public access will be restricted, and in some cases, an arrest record may be removed or destroyed.

What Does It Mean to "Seal" a Criminal History Record?

According to Florida law, when a criminal record is sealed, it is still preserved but isn't available to the general public. However, if a criminal justice agency wishes to access these records, it will need a court order to do so. Because a law enforcement agency may still access your records, you get confidentiality instead of total secrecy when you seal a record.

Expunging a record is done when the state attorney's office drops the charges, and it involves removing or destroying the record. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will keep a copy of the record. It's no secret that having a record sealed in Florida can be beneficial. If you're wondering what record sealing benefits you can expect, here are five advantages you can expect.

1. Sealing a Criminal Record Can Protect Your Reputation

Your reputation is on the line if you have been imprisoned or accused of a crime. The truth is that being arrested can seriously affect public opinion of you, regardless of whether or not you won the case or were formally charged or convicted.

Every time you are arrested, a record of the arrest is kept. Unfortunately, it becomes a public record that anyone can see unless you are a juvenile in the custody of the Juvenile Justice Department.

You can keep your private affairs away from prying eyes by sealing or expunging your criminal history. In truth, the advantages of sealing your history of arrest extend far beyond avoiding prying eyes.

a court room

2. Improve Your Chances of Being Employed

Public opinions of you don't just make people look at you differently. They can also affect your chances of being employed. A variety of paperwork is filed with the clerk of courts when an arrest is made. In fact, every time someone is arrested, the clerk of the court produces a file for that arrest, which is referred to as a court file.

Even though you may not have been found guilty of the crime, these court records still appear as criminal history records when employers do a background check. However, employers cannot view a sealed record, so having your criminal history record sealed can help you pass background checks and land a good job.

3. Sealing Criminal Records Increases Your Chances of Getting a Good Education

Another advantage of having your criminal history sealed is a better chance of being accepted at a college or university. If you're hoping to get a fresh start, sealing your criminal records can be a great way to prevent being discriminated against when applying for a position at a tertiary institution.

4. When you Seal or Expunge Your Criminal History, You Can Find Closure

The truth is that when you seal or expunge a record, you can finally move on with your life and open yourself up to new opportunities. By ensuring that no one but criminal justice agencies has access to your sensitive information, you can finally move past the incident that led to your arrest.

5. Shortening the Firearm Restriction Period

If you are awaiting adjudication on a domestic battery case or a felony, you will be unable to obtain a firearm for three years once your case is concluded. This includes any probationary period. However, the duration of the limitation on purchasing firearms is reduced when you have a record sealed or expunged.

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