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Miami Expungement Lawyer

The immediate consequences of a criminal offense may be way milder than a criminal record in the long run. In order to protect professional opportunities and a person's long-term reputation in Fort Lauderdale, it is recommended to chat with a Miami expungement attorney for legal advice.

It's arduous to pursue a petition for record sealing, meaning a person requires the aid of a Miami expungement lawyer. When a juvenile or an adult deserves another chance at life, it is sometimes possible to expunge their record.

Exceptions to Expungement

Depending on the individual's criminal history, a law firm in North Miami decides how to proceed with the legal process. Some people with a criminal record may not apply to the expungement process because their felonies are too severe, such as armed robbery.

What Is the Sealing of a Criminal Record?

Having expungement lawyers seal a criminal record means that the sensitive information shall be hidden from the general public and future employers. When a prospective public company wants to hire someone with an expunged record, no listings of previous convictions are displayed.

However, in some cases, the existence of the criminal record (without the more delicate details) may still show up if:

  • The person is seeking employment at a criminal justice organization
  • They are subject to criminal prosecution in the future
  • If the individual seeks to work at the Florida Bar as a legal practitioner
  • A person who is looking to own or buy a firearm
  • Applying for a job in law enforcement
  • If they are seeking work or getting a license to work with families, healthcare, people with disabilities, and education departments
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What Is Miami FL Expungement?

FL expungement lawyers offer a free consultation to explain how expungement cases work. Criminal justice agencies hide this information from future employers and the general public, and it does not display during a background check. 

People must be aware that Florida law offices still retain the criminal record if any other legal issues arise.

Criminal Justice Agency and a Criminal Record

Expunged records have the advantage of not being disclosed to anyone except law enforcement agencies. The Florida department and Bar are made aware of the expungement, but the criminal records remain unavailable.

Unless a person is dealing with law administration or other agencies, they have the right to lawfully deny any information concerning the expungement. In most cases, after a record sealing or expungement, a person's status is restored to the original state before the criminal prosecution.

What If the Criminal Justice Agency Find the Person Not Guilty?

If someone is acquitted in a Fort Lauderdale trial, that does not automatically mean the state attorney's office removes the charges. A person still needs to complete the legal process under the Florida statute to dismiss the criminal charges from the public record.

Suppose they are found guilty after the arrest, the individual would need to sit out their sentence and then apply for sealing of the criminal records. 

Erase the Case

It pays to give Erase the Case a call as the firm offers its patronage a 100% confidential attorney-client relationship when dealing with these sorts of matters.

Other great things about the firm are that we offer a free initial consultation for anyone in Miami Lakes or Broward County. The Miami office is full of knowledgeable and helpful consultants that can put a person in touch with an attorney at a moment's notice.

Each individual case with a new client is handled with the utmost respect and dignity concerning the person's certain circumstances. The expungement lawyers can be chatted to for general information purposes or removing an offense from public records.

Law Enforcement and Record Sealings

Law administration and sealed records are tricky because if a person is caught committing a felony, the official can perform background checks to check the individual's status. A lawyer can do nothing if someone gets into trouble for the second or third time after an expungement.

Furthermore, law enforcement officials are in direct contact with the State Bar Associations and can easily monitor arrests covered over a particular period. With the right attorney by their side, a person can contact the respective State Bar Association to fight their case in a Florida court if they are found adjudicated guilty.

Erase the Case can Help

An attorney at the Miami office has helped people struggling with this predicament or who have been through the juvenile justice system. State law has helped arrest victims obtain a court order to expunge their records.


Erase the Case is the top expungement expert based in Flagler St, Coral Gables, and has served the greater West Palm Beach area for over a decade. The company offers a free consultation to new clients and helps them make sense of the expungement process.

People have trusted the firm for many years, and with plenty of client testimonials, it seems like the right company to approach to delete a record.