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David Weisselberger | June 30, 2024


Expungement is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that allows you to take down your mistakes and bad judgments of your past for a better future- by taking down or destroying your criminal records.

Hiring an expungement attorney in Palm Beach will guide you throughout the process by dealing with all the legalities and handling important documents for you. Regardless, Florida has an "open book" policy when it comes to having access to criminal records, and that usually hinders people from finding jobs or even renting a house. Thus, a Palm Beach expungement lawyer will help you get your record sealed or expunged.

Record Sealing & Expungement in Palm Beach

Learn about record sealing vs expungement. The act of sealing a criminal record restricts public access as stated in Florida Statute 943.045.

On the other hand, also under the same statute, expungement of records is described as the court-ordered physical destruction of all records and information related to the criminal record possessed by a criminal agency that has such records.

That statute clearly states that sealing your records is safeguarded by the court and cannot be disclosed to the public. However, the record still exists and any legalized entity can access your records when needed. As for the expungement of records, the documents from your arrest will be destroyed.

Benefits of Expungement in Palm Beach

After you learn about the differences between record sealing vs expungement, you also want to know the benefits of having your record expunged in Palm Beach:

  • Access to the record will not be granted to employers or prospective employers;
  • Universities and colleges won't be able to view the record;
  • Criminal background is concealed from the public;
  • Absence of a bad public image;
  • A person may legally contest the accusation or arrest, with a few specific limitations.
  • Evading regulations at work that prohibit promotion.

Expunge in 3 months, Pay later!

Get your record expunged in 90 days while subcribing to a reasonable payment plan

Eligibility Requirements for Expungement in Palm Beach

Convictions for any criminal offense disqualify a person from expungement eligibility. You are only eligible if:

  • The charging document or information that is the subject of the expunction must have been dismissed by the court, had a Nolle Pros (dismissal) from the state attorney, or—often referred to as a "no information"—having never been properly submitted by the state attorney;
  • No prior finding of guilt for any criminal offense or similar violation of a local ordinance;
  • No finding of guilt in the instance covered by the expunction;
  • No previous instances that Florida law had sealed or purged;
  • No active court-filed requests to expunge or seal documents;

Furthermore, under Florida Statutes 943.0585 also includes:

  • The fulfillment of the whole term, including probation and restitution is a requirement for eligibility.
  • Only non-violent crimes meet the qualifying offense requirements; other serious acts are not included.
  • Depending on the type of offense, the waiting period can range from five to ten years after conviction. 

Keep in mind that sealing or expunging your criminal record in Palm Beach only happens once in a person's lifetime. Talk with a Palm Beach expungement lawyer regarding your eligibility.

Expungement Process in Palm Beach

  • Compile the requirements: First, the documents required for fingerprinting will be given to you. After that, your Palm Beach expungement lawyer will petition the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to have the record sealed or expunged and file the required paperwork with the State Attorney's Office.
  • Obtain an eligibility certificate: The attorney will then file a motion on your behalf after obtaining the eligibility certificate from the FDLE.
  • Attend a hearing: schedule a court hearing for the case. If he has to, he will present his case before the judge.
  • Wait for the judge to approve: A judge's approval will result in the sealing or expunging of your record. With copies sealing or expunging your criminal record in Palm Beach, the Clerk's office will provide law enforcement agencies with certified copies of the approved motion.
  • Pay fees: To have your name and record deleted from computer systems that have you listed as a criminal defendant, the Clerk will charge you $64.50.

How Much Does It Cost To Expunge A Record in Palm Beach

To have your record expunged in Palm Beach Florida, the cost of getting your record expunged can range from $75 to $1,500, depending on your case and lawyer. To know more about expungement costs and fees, read this article.

How Long Does It Take To Expunge a Record in Palm Beach?

Disregarding the differences between record sealing vs expungement of your criminal record in Palm Beach, both usually take 5-7 months

Thankfully, Erase the Case offers the fastest service in the state for expungement and sealing of records which only takes 90 days, so qualified individuals may get their Florida criminal record sealed or expunged without any worries.

Hiring a Palm Beach expungement lawyer

When hiring a Palm Beach expungement lawyer to eradicate your Beach County criminal records, it is important to keep in mind certain factors:

  • It is ideal for your lawyer to specialize in criminal law to expunge your Beach County criminal records
  • Ensure your chosen Palm Beach expungement attorney is licensed to practice law in Florida and has experience with expungement cases
  • Ideally, your lawyer has good ratings from their clients

To ensure that you get the best lawyer to cater to your legal queries here are some tips:

  • Research for local lawyers
  • Check Credentials
  • Read Reviews
  • Ask as many questions 
  • Discuss Fees
  • Choose a Palm Beach expungement attorney you are comfortable with
  • Review the Contract

We guarantee that our lawyers from Erase The Case provide excellent Palm Beach expungement lawyers equipped with the needed skills and experience to ensure your second chance in life. Do not let a criminal record hinder you from various opportunities leading to a better future. Contact us now!

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