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David Weisselberger | May 19, 2024


You do not have to live with a criminal record that hinders you from a promotion or entering a prestigious university. Get your record sealed and expunged now with the best Pensacola expungement lawyers! Hiring an expungement attorney will help you throughout the legal process with ease.

Record Sealing & Expungement Lawyer in Pensacola

Before we head on to the process, keep in mind that seal and expungement are not the same. According to Florida Statute 943.045, record sealing involves keeping information about your criminal history hidden from anybody who does not have the authority. The court protects the sealed document from public view.

Record Sealing & Expungement Lawyer in Pensacola

On the other hand, when your record is expunged, it is completely destroyed. Only the FDLE has the duplicate copy of your criminal record. A court hearing could be held while the expungement process is underway. So it’s best to have an experienced Pensacola expungement attorney by your side who will represent you in court.

What Crimes Can Be Expunged in Pensacola

In Pensacola, many misdemeanors and non-violent felonies can be expunged, such as petty theft, minor drug offenses, and first-time offenses. Expungement eligibility depends on the type of crime and other legal factors. Here are the primary types of crimes that can be expunged:

  • Misdemeanors: Petty theft, disorderly conduct, and minor drug offenses.
  • Non-Violent Felonies: Certain first-time drug offenses, forgery, and fraud.
  • Juvenile Offenses: Some offenses committed as a minor.
  • Dismissed or Dropped Charges: Cases where charges were dropped, dismissed, or resulted in an acquittal.

However, serious crimes like sexual offenses, homicide, and certain violent felonies are not eligible for expungement. Eligibility also requires factors like no prior convictions and the completion of court-ordered programs.

For detailed legal criteria and more information, visit the Florida Statutes 943.0585. Consulting with an experienced Pensacola expungement lawyer can help you determine if your case qualifies and guide you through the expungement process.

Do I Need a Lawyer To Expunge My Record in Pensacola?

While you can technically pursue expungement on your own in Pensacola, having a lawyer significantly increases your chances of success. The process involves complex paperwork, strict deadlines, and legal criteria that can be challenging to navigate without professional help.

A skilled expungement lawyer in Florida ensures that all legal requirements are met and helps avoid common mistakes that could delay or jeopardize your case. For personalized guidance and to improve your chances of a successful expungement, consulting with an experienced Pensacola expungement lawyer is highly recommended.

Eligibility Requirements for Expungement in Pensacola

To be eligible for expungement in Pensacola, you must meet specific criteria outlined by Florida law. Expungement can help clear your criminal record, providing a fresh start and better opportunities for employment, housing, and more. Here are the key eligibility requirements:

  • No Prior Expungements: You can only expunge one criminal record in your lifetime.
  • Eligible Offense: The crime must be a misdemeanor or certain non-violent felonies.
  • Completion of Sentence: All terms of the sentence, including probation, must be completed.
  • Waiting Period: A specific waiting period must pass since the completion of your sentence.
  • Certificate of Eligibility: Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

For detailed information and step-by-step instructions, visit the FDLE Certificate of Eligibility Instructions. Consulting with an experienced Pensacola expungement lawyer can help ensure you meet all requirements and navigate the process smoothly.

Expungement Process in Pensacola

You can seal or expunge records in Florida. A criminal record can be expunged or sealed through a legislative process that removes it from public view, saving you from extensive background checks. Here is a step-by-step process:

Step 1: Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility

You must give the FDLE proof that your case was dismissed. You will have to make sure that the case does not involve a crime not eligible for expungement.

In order to have your record sealed, you must present to the FDLE that you were not found guilty of the offense for which you are requesting a “Withhold of Adjudication” in your case. 

Step 2: Paying for Filing Fees 

There is an application fee that costs $75 to submit a petition. Expect more costs to pay throughout the process.

Step 3: Contact Important people

Reach out to the district lawyer, the court, and other important agencies to inform them regarding your petition for sealing or expungement of records. They will look through your document to check. 

Step 4: Undergo a court hearing

There are times that  the court will set a hearing for your expungement case. You will need a Pensacola expungement attorney for representation.

Step 5: Receive a Court Order

If the court grants your petition, an expungement order will be issued. The police, FBI, or state records agency will get the request.

How Long Does Expungement Take in Pensacola?

On average, an expungement in Pensacola typically takes 5-7 months. The process includes obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and awaiting court approval. Consulting an experienced lawyer can streamline the process and ensure all legal requirements are met efficiently.

As you might not know, Erase The Case only takes less than 5 months to have your record expunged. Contact us now!

How Much Does It Cost To Expunge Records in Pensacola?

Expunging records in Pensacola costs around $75 for the application fee, plus additional court fees. Attorney fees can range from $500 to $1,000. For a detailed breakdown, visit our Florida expungement lawyer costs page.

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