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The Expungement Lawyer Orlando People Need

In some cases, a person may be charged with a criminal offense, but there was no conviction. This means that they may be able to have their criminal record sealed. The information is restricted when a criminal record is sealed, but it has not entirely disappeared. After having a criminal record expunged, only certain employers will have access to this information.

This post will explain how the right criminal defense lawyers can help with criminal records during the expungement process.

What's the Difference Between Sealing and Expungement?

People who have a criminal history know that it is challenging to go through life with their criminal record. This is why people try to make it so that people cannot view their records, but this can also be a long and difficult process to complete. Florida law gives people two options: sealing or expungement. However, they are both different from one another.


A sealed record still exists in the legal system. This means that employers and individuals will not have access to someone's criminal records. Still, law enforcement and legal officials will be able to have access to any court records and criminal charges.


Expungement means that everything about a person's criminal record is removed from public records, police files, and court dockets. All of the information will be erased from the criminal justice system. This is very difficult to achieve in Florida, so people will need the right expungement lawyers to help them complete this request.

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What Are the Expungement Requirements?

Law enforcement agencies understand that every case is different. That is why it depends on the person's Florida criminal record. However, if the person does have any of the following, then they may be eligible:

  • They do not have any prior sealed or expunged records.
  • There has been a significant amount of time since the case's conclusion.
  • The person does not have another criminal history record after this case.
  • Any criminal history of the person is minimal.
  • The crime is not one of the disqualifying offenses - crimes that are serious.

Some of the Benefits of Having an Expunged Record

Law enforcement records list all of the encounters someone has had with the criminal justice system. However, when all of this information is expunged, then it can be more accessible for people to move on with their life:


Many young adults who have made a mistake in their earlier years will want to contact a law firm to help them. They will have access to colleges if their juvenile records are expunged.


Removing a criminal record and even having criminal records sealed can benefit people who want a job. They will be more likely to receive a job offer if the employer cannot see their past mistakes.


Landlords can also run a criminal background check on possible tenants. However, this can make it difficult for people to find a place to live. If the person has either a sealed or expunged record, they will have an easier time finding a place to live.


Many people need a loan to complete specific tasks like buying a house or a car. However, this can be difficult if the person cannot find a job to help them pay their loan off. Orlando expungement lawyers will know how to work through the expungement process, so people can get the job they want and the loan they need.


When someone is trying to make new relationships, they might be worried about people finding out about their criminal record. Also, even young adults with a juvenile record might worry about meeting new people at work or in college. However, having records expunged will help take the pressure off the person. They won't need to continuously think about what they may or may not be allowed to do because of legal limits. With an expunged record, they will no longer need to worry about people finding out this information.

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Expungement lawyers understand the legal process that it will take for people to have sealed records or expunged records in Orlando, FL. People rely on Erase the Case because every Orlando expungement lawyer is passionate about helping people get the results they deserve.

The team understands that people need to have their records sealed or expunged because of jobs, housing, loans, etc. Having a criminal record can make life very difficult for people who want to get their lives back on track, but this dream is possible with a strong team ready to work.

Also, the team offers a free consultation to those who want to see if this is the right team for them. The built attorney-client relationship will show the person that they are being looked after by an experienced attorney. Any questions should be asked at 1-866-ERASE-FL.