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Expungement lawyer, Mr. Weisselberger, founded Erase The Case on the notion that everyone deserves a second chance in life. An opportunity to live a positive, worry-free, prosperous, and successful life, the very things which a criminal history record makes continuously difficult to achieve. Living life with a criminal record does not have to be permanent, and our firm is the only one in Florida which specializes in expunging criminal records.

We know how a record can impact your life, and we're here to make the expungement process easier for you. For example, we provide a 24/7 client portal with instant case updates and direct communication with your lawyer. We are here to help every step of the way. Erase The Case has a 100% success rate due to our unfaltering expungement knowledge, qualifications, and experience. We are here to help you gain your confidence back in life, and live freely without a criminal record.

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We help clients navigate through the challenging legal hurdles, which are being made by Florida’s expungement laws. This will also allow you to leave your record in the past. We practice plenty of ways for you to understand our process. Ways to keep you updated and informed the entire time.

Erase The Case helps ease your stress. They help you no longer be haunted by your troubled past. There will be no more public mugshots. No more criminal backgrounds. No fear of being seen as a criminal. We'll show you peace of mind from the beginning. Overall, we are focusing on improving your life. We will help build your life back in less than a year.