David Weisselberger, ESQ.

Florida Expungement Lawyer, David Weisselberger is the founding partner of Erase the Case. This is a law firm devout to helping people get rid of their haunting criminal past. Mr. Weisselberger is a highly trained lawyer with a proven track record.  He has been involved as a former Miami-Dade County Assistant Public Defender. Also, as a solo lawyer and former associate at South Florida’s honored Saban & Solomon Law Firm. He has learned firsthand the effects people face from having a public criminal arrest record mark their lives. From job losses to suspensions from school programs, and not being able to obtain funds. We understand that having a public criminal history record is not only shameful, but also tough on a person’s life.

Founding Partner and Expungement attorney

We don't just break records. We expunge them!

Mr. Weisselberger has founded the only expungement law firm in Florida.

He has important litigation experience in commercial, real property and personal injury cases all over the state of FL.
He can also handle a multitude of clients charged with criminal cases at any given time, and never lost track of a single one.
Moreover, he is a part of the 1% of lawyers in the entire U.S that have been able to work at a public defender’s office.

Florida expungement lawyer

Mr. David Weisselberger is a loyal, hard-working and efficient attorney, but above all, he is passionate about helping people. 
Founder David Weisselberger
He completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Florida, & also his Juris Doctor from UM School of Law.
In addition, he is a recipient of one of the highest Florida Bar Exam scores in the state for the February 2017 sitting. 
Also, he has become a respected and trustworthy good standing member of the Florida Bar.