Expunge Now, Pay Later with 0% Interest (limited offer)

 This 0% interest offer is available for clients who meet eligibility guidelines and applies for 3 and/or 6 month loans only. Promotional applies to loans initiated between 1/17/2024–3/31/2024. For more information, visit: lawpay.com/affirm

Rates are between 0-36% APR. Wait no further and apply now because the clock is ticking!

Available until March 31st


What Is Expunge Now, Pay Later?

Pay Later is a legal fee lending option, enabling customers to pay their legal expenses through convenient and scheduled online installments, while law firms receive the entire payment upfront. With Pay Later, powered by Afirm, customers can pay over time and increase their ability to make the purchase they want.


Avoid hidden fees and surprises. Know exactly what you'll pay from the start.


We offer flexible monthly payments to work with your budget


Reasonable payment solution for customers who are on a budget but still want to erase their cases


Apply quickly and easily without any impact on your credit score

How To Apply

expunge now, pay later

Step 1: Check if you are qualified for expungement

To be qualified for expungement, you must meet certain requirements. Click here to know if you are qualified

Step 2: Choose a payment plan

After being qualified for the expungement, you are asked to choose your most suitable payment plan

Step 3: Pay over time

Make payments either on Affirm.com or through the Affirm mobile app. Keep an eye out for text and email notifications reminding you of upcoming payments.


Yes, and you will not be charged for paying off early.

Interest rates range from 0-36% APR depending on your eligibility. We offer 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24-month repayment terms with no late fees.

Your first payment is typically due about a month after the loan is processed. In some cases, you may need to make a down payment upfront – this depends on your eligibility and the loan amount.

For questions about your loan payments, contact Affirm directly (not your attorney). Manage payments online at affirm.com or through the Affirm app. See your loan agreement for full details.

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