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Why Expunge a Criminal Record?

When someone has a criminal offense record, it can affect their life in multiple ways. Jobs, such as a child care provider, peace officer, and teaching positions, can deny an employment opportunity to anyone with a criminal record.

Most employers may be wary of hiring an individual with any criminal record, even if it's a misdemeanor.

Criminal records can affect a person's chance of getting accepted into a college or receiving an education grant for a University Laboratory School. Obtaining loans can also be hindered, especially if the individual has an unscrupulous criminal history. Anyone convicted of child abuse or a sexual offense may find their freedom to live in specific areas.

Legal immigrants with a criminal record may lose their immigration status if the case is recent and notable. Convictions and arrests can remain on the public records for an extended period and negatively impact the person's future. That is why many people look to have their criminal record expunged through court-ordered sealing.

Expunging a Felony in Miami

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Even if the charges against someone were dismissed or dropped, they could still appear on the individual's personal criminal history records. Whether they were convicted or not, any raids or arrests are displayed on all background checks performed on the person. Expunging criminal records is a way to remove convictions or arrests from the public record.

How Are Criminal Records Expunged?

If someone wants their criminal history record to be deleted, they need to petition the Florida courts. Once approved by the Miami Dade clerk, these records are no longer available for viewing on the public database.

Only law enforcement or those with a court order can access the individual's criminal record.

Having a criminal record sealed allows the person to be essentially free from arrest or conviction. That means if someone is on a job interview for a non-governmental position and the employer asks them if they have been through criminal prosecution, they can legally say, "No."

That gives the person great job opportunities to move forward after juvenile justice or if adjudicated guilty.

How Can an Expungement Lawyer Remove Criminal History Records?

Any process involving the Florida Department requires that a person has knowledgeable counsel by their side to provide legal advice. The statewide prosecutor may deny a criminal record sealing request.

There are some limited circumstances that law enforcement may go against the public defender in Broward County. If the person they represent has been found guilty of certain offenses, such as human trafficking, indecent assault, dealing with explosives, child abuse, or sexual assault, expungement is denied.

Hiring a Miami Dade County lawyer that provides a 100% confidential attorney-client relationship with a free consultation is what people should do in that case.

Expungement of a Felony in Miami and Law Enforcement

If a person has sealed records in Miami Dade County and ends up in trouble with law officials again, that could be detrimental to their social status. After the document has been deleted, the person should be following the requirements set out by the appropriate state attorney.

People guilty of a second offense automatically have their record instated and the additional charges added for each individual case. The expungement becomes null and void under Florida law, and the case deserves to be investigated by a local governmental entity.

Why Should a Person Hire an Expungement Lawyer?

The criminal justice agency in Miami Dade County can be rather challenging to work with at times. That is why it's recommended that the Erase the Case law offices get the court supervision required for any expungement case.

If someone is seeking employment at a charter school, private or parochial school, they need to have a certificate of eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. A criminal record can be damage one's reputation if they want to become an insurance agent or work in financial services, so having the form sealed or expunged is crucial to move forward.

Only an experienced lawyer knows how to seal or expunge previous criminal history through the legal process. Even though the information is not physically destroyed once it is sealed or expunged, it's hidden from most non-governmental enterprises.

Hiring the Right Expungement Lawyer in Miami

Erase the Case has been helping people navigate the expungement process for over a decade by having direct contact with its clients. The firm has an association with the Florida Bar and can supply any new client with a free assessment for general information purposes.

People in Florida needing to seal or expunge their record can provide Erase the Case with a valid phone number or valid email address to receive feedback on the matter. In Florida, the FDLE maintains the area by supporting criminal justice organizations with expungement issues. It makes sure that all parties involved are treated fairly, and justice is served where necessary.


Removing a criminal record can be one of the most beneficial things a convicted person can do, allowing them to get their life back on track and seek employment in the future. By contacting Erase the Case, people have gotten their freedom back and are enjoying record-free time in Miami.